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viewport: false

edited March 2008 in Lightview
Hey Nick! Thanks for ur awesome script! It's perfect!

Any chance u will enable scrolling the displayed image in the lightview box with viewport disabled?
My images are about 1000-1200 pix height and i don't actually want the scipt to scale them down and fix it's position. When i open it it zoomes in and image's top and the bottom are hidden, i mean they're off the screen.

What i want is the script to work like the lightbox one does. featured here
As u can see it wont scale the image and it also won't make it fixed so the pic can be scrolled up and down.

Thanks in advance, man!


  • Thanks for the suggestion. With the current setup this is not possible because images will always stay in the center. Making them large will also push them into areas where you can't scroll (left and top). I think a different solution where you can drag the image while the lightview is in fullscreen could solve the problem as well. I'll add it to do todo list.
  • Maybe scroll it inside the lightview window? but as for me that would be kinda weirfd.
    Or even make an option, u know like if true - make the position fixed and when false - let it scroll up and down with the current page
  • Hello,

    i'd would like the same solution, a vertical scrolling bar inside the lightview window.
    I use it all the time to load from an ajax request, and sometimes, i have a table higher then the window, it would be very great with a scroll bar.

    (i am in testing mode right now, and really appreciate lightview and prototip)
  • hello
    for the ones interested in a solution for big table loaded with ajax ...

    i've implemented it this afternoon, and it works well with lightview ... happy man ^^
  • Sune:

    Nick Stakenburg wrote:
    > I think a different solution where you can drag the image while the lightview
    > is in fullscreen could solve the problem as well. I'll add it to do todo list.

    Have you implemented this feature. I would like to vote for this. I am having problems with a foto being to large now, so the top i cropped of.

  • I would like to also put my vote in for this feature. I would just use lightbox for this large image scrolling capabilities, but I also need to display other media. And lightview fits the bill.. except for not scrolling oversized images. I am not sure I really see the point in allowing an image to expand outside the viewport without being able to scroll (either the viewport or the image itself). In my case, I'm running an art competition and judges need to be able to see fine details of the pictures. Some of them are really huge.

    Please let me know if there is some hack I can apply to the current javascript of CSS. I've been trying different "lightbox clones" all morning and none seem to do exactly what I want. Maybe it is time to write yet another clone.

    Funny that in the lightbox forums they consider the scrolling to be a bug or limitation. :-)
  • hi! loving the lightview! thanks Nick!! Is there a way to set the viewpoint to false for all items instead of one by one? many thanks!

  • edited October 2016

    There are grouped options you can use for that, use the data-lightview-group-options attribute on just one of the elements.

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