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Fresco spacing just one side

edited May 2014 in Fresco

I was wondering if there is a way to add spacing just for one side, for example, something like:

spacing: { none: { top: 275, left: 0, right: 0, bottom: 0 } }

According to the documentation, you can only add the same value to both vertical and horizontal sides, am I right?

Thanks in advance.


  • It is as described in the docs, you can't add spacing to just one side.
  • Hi Nick,

    First of all, thanks for the reply.

    Will you consider that in a future release?
  • I don't see much use for putting things out of center.
  • Well, I was trying to keep some fixed elements on the window without wanting the gallery to overlap them. I can avoid that with some CSS overwrite, but the aspect ratio won't work as expected because the extra spacing isn't considered for the image / video resize to keep them entirely visible on the window.

    I think it would be a great enhancement, at least for me, because I can see myself making use of that option frequently, but of course, is up to you.

    Thanks again.
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