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Size of the images on mobile devices


I installed the pro version of Fresco and it is the most beautiful lightbox I found so far.

There is only one thing, if I view my pictures on a mobile device, ipad mini or iphone, the pictures are really small. I know that it comes from the space on top and bottom which is reserved for title and close button. And from the space needed to show the next or prev image.
But also knowing this, will there be a possibility to get the images bigger on mobile devices? like that the close button will move into the image and the space needed for next and prev images will get smaller or the title will be made to move down?
At the moment my thumbs are nearly the same size on iphone as if I open the pics in Fresco, like you can see here:

That would make me really happy.

All the best!



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    The close button doesn't overlap the image in order to not block parts of it. Images on the side are needed for navigation. Captions don't move down or start hidden because they might otherwise be overlooked. The caption bar has a fixed height of a single line across all images in order to keep image dimensions static instead of resizing as you swipe. With that in mind, images can't be made bigger because it would break one of these things.
  • Hello Nick,

    I can understand you and I will have to accept what you are writing.

    For me as a photographer it is most important to have my pictures (or the content inside the lightbox) shown in best quality and maximum size. The second thing is the UI of the used lightbox.
    On desktop computers I am using Fresco with the forward and back arrows and the closing sign inside the picture which really looks great and fades away so that my image wont be affected by this. Same with the title.
    That behaviour would be perfect in my opinion for the mobile version, too.
    I also can't understand why on an ipad mini the size of pictures in landscape format don't even get much bigger if I turn it to landscape mode.

    Anyway, as you think that your UI is good, so I will have to change to another product which supports a responsive layout that brings out my pictures as I want them to be shown. Sad for me, because the desktop version of Fresco is the most beautiful I have ever seen.

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    Fresco has a mobile UI for a reason. The desktop UI that fades in and out on mouseover can't happen on mobile because there are no mouseover events on touch based devices. UI elements need to be visible on mobile since they can't be hidden based on mouseover events.

    Since the image you are using already has the maximum space without the lightbox you probably want to disable fresco on small touch based devices, it would just show an identical or smaller image. You can use Fresco.disable for that:
  • Hello Nick,

    this are quite good arguments, i saw that others do this on touch based devices with a klick (tip) into the image, to show or to hide things like title or close button. Not the perfect way may be.

    So I will have to live with this, not using Fresco on mobile devices is a good idea, thanks for the hint, but the pictures are a bit bigger in Fresco than the original tumbs are.

    For me it is the most important to have a perfect product for my users, Same as you want, so there is nothing better than Fresco for me.

    Let me please ask you two last things:
    On IPad mini pictures in portrait mode are of course shown great, if I turn the tablet the pictures are getting smaller, quite normal. If I have some pictures in landscape mode they are quite small, which is ok, but they don't geht bigger if I turn the tablet. If the tablet is in landscape mode there i a lot to see from the next and pref pics couldn't that be smaller in order to get the landscape pictures bigger?

    The second thing is im my opinion not a Fresco thing, if you have a look at the link in my first post, on an IPhone and scroll the portfolio till all pics are loaded, open a pic in Fresco and use the close button everything works fine. If you do the same on the iPad mini Fresco won't close anymore. I really can't get the error, may be you could see one?

    Thanks a lot, best! Martin
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    The sizes Fresco uses in landscape/portrait are what's required to guarantee a visible image regardless of image dimensions. Since you don't want images you're supposed to slide to disappearing from view those can't be made smaller. The other thing sounds like a bug on the device, I can't replicate it.
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