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Close button

When the thumbnail is clicked to bring up the gallery overlay, is it possible to make the close button bigger and always visible rather than just visible on hover?


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    The close button is part of a sprite image, if you'd like it to be bigger you can change it. By default it's always shown.
  • Thank you for your reply. Yes, I agree it is always shown on default but I am using ui:inside and the close button and image descriptions are only shown when hovering over the image. Is it possible to make these always visible?
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    No, people wouldn't be able to see parts of the image that way, that's why these elements work the way they do.
  • That would be a disadvantage. But, if the caption and close button were below the image it would have the best of both worlds
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    I don't think a close button belongs at the bottom. The default outside ui has the caption below the image. The inside ui you are using has everything inside the image.
  • Hi nick, can you please tell me the element which has the click handler for the close function on mobile? is it fr-touch-close ?
  • Or would you possibly be able to have a look at my site to tell me what I've done wrong, because the close button is curently unresponsive from the mobile ui

    to view:
    username: fabricnz
    password: les101

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    I'm guessing the bar holding the close button that normally has a background isn't large enough to hold the button properly and might be blocking something.

    The swipe ui has been removed in Fresco 1.5 to allow pinch-zooming, further details on that are in the changelog. If you upgrade you'll have the outside ui on mobile, its close button isn't restricted to a bar.
  • Thank you Nick, how would I go about upgrading?
  • Actually, fr-touch-button is clickable and fires the close event fine from a narrowed desktop browser. Yet when I emulate a mobile device (or use a real mobile device) in chrome dev tools and hit the same button the touch event doesn't fire.
  • You can upgrade by downloading the latest version and replace files.
  • Ok great, have upgraded to latest version, removed loop and group options from my a tags. Replaced the js and css files. There doesn't seem to be any pinch-zoom event from what I can tell using my Nexus5. when the fresco lightbox is open, and i scroll the page in the background, the lightbox jumps to a more zoomed view, but attempting to use a pinch motion has no effect.

    Do you have a working demo I can look at?
  • Console's giving me this: "Ignored attempt to cancel a touchend event with cancelable=false, for example because scrolling is in progress and cannot be interrupted. jquery.min.js:3"
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    The fresco website always uses the latest version, you can use that as a demo.

    It looks like your viewport meta tag prevents zooming, you probably want to update that.
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    As for touch events, the latest version doesn't attempt to block any touch events, it doesn't use them anymore. So there shouldn't be a reason for Fresco to throw an error like that. I'm guessing it's generated by something else, perhaps a conflicting script.
  • Thank you, I had forgotten to clear my cache which was causing a lot of issues. You've been very helpful mate. Nice product.
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