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Replace desktop thumbnails with numbers

Hey mate,

Firstly, amazing plugin, works flawlessly across devices, very nice.

Now, I would like to replace the thumbnail images with a number for each thumb, is there any way this is possible using fresco?


  • No, Fresco uses thumbnails.

    Lightview supports numbers:
  • I imagined with Fresco being the paid "pro" version of Lightview there may be support for use of the simpler number system. I've purchased a license for Fresco and require Fresco's mobile/touch functionality but need to customize the thumbnails into numbers for desktop.
  • Perhaps I could hide the default thumbnails and use the API to create my own numeric thumbs with an onclick handler?
  • Fresco and Lightview both have free and licensed versions, they're two different scripts.

    I didn't use numbers as navigation in Fresco because I feel its thumbnails already do the same job in a better way. If you'd like to disable thumbnails you can set position:true to put some sense of position back in.
  • Ok thanks, on a different note,

    The close button on mobile seems to be unresponsive, on ipad and desktop it works perfectly, yet there is no action when tapping the close button on mobile? Also tapping on the background overlay doesn't close the lightbox on mobile, is there an option to set specific to mobile for this?
  • Works for me, the close button that is. The background doesn't close things on mobile because it's an area you can use to swipe.
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