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Instead of Overlapping Content Push it to Left?

I got to say that I love the ability to use the site while lightbox is open...

I was just wandering if it would be possible to have the lightbox "push" main content to the left rather than overlap it? This way site would be much more usable and we have the available real estate.


  • edited November 2014
    You can use the onResize callback for that:

    I disagree with it being more usable though since I've tested this. There are two ways to implement onResize. Pushing the entire website to the left. Which hides just as much as you'd normally overlap on the other side of the window, so you are not winning real estate. The other is to make the website reponsive and resize it by adding margin so everything remains visible but reorganizes itself.

    Both are very disturbing when browsing through images of different width since you constantly see the entire screen adjust or move as you click through images. Overlapping and only having Strip resize while the rest remains static is a lot easier on the eyes.

    That's why Strip overlaps by default and offers onResize should you want to try something else. Once you do, you'll probably see why overlapping works best.
  • I missed the onResize option - exactly what I was looking for. I do see your points too. I'll give it a shot. Thanks
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