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Window not centered.

I am looking at the Fresco demo page on an iPhone 5, iOS 8.1.1, in particular at the TED videos.
When I pop up a Fresco window (with the device in portrait orientation) and switch to landscape, the Fresco window is not centered vertically but is partially hidden on top. Also the Vimeo flicks jump up. I've checked some picture demos and they also do not properly center vertically.
Frankly, I'm surprised at this malfunction of a product that claims to be responsive.
There is a strange fix. When one manually corrects the position of the window and then do some more portrait/landscape switching, then the vertical positioning stays okay.
Obviously this is not satisfactory.
Popping up the window in landscape position initially centers it okay vertically, then switching to portrait orientation is also okay, but then switching back to vertical causes it again to be partially hidden on top …

I hope your are not going to tell me that it is the fault of my iPhone that should be upgraded …


  • edited December 2014
    That's an iOS issue, not something Fresco can fix. Layout isn't always properly updated on orientation change, manual adjusting triggers a layout update. This can only be fixed in iOS itself, and probably will be fixed at some point.
  • Yep, had to be something else.
  • I found a hack that should improve this, it's implemented in 1.6.3.

    Things could still be off by a few pixels when changing orientation depending on how iOS toggles its browser menu but this shouldn't be very noticeable, further iOS updated will probably improve this.
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