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Thumbnails not showing correctly but being provided in mark up

edited January 2015 in Fresco

I am providing thumnails in my mark up - but when the lightbox displays it's showing thumbnails from the larger image - I've used fresco many times, and not come across this issue before ... on version 1.6.3 and here's my mark up. Must be something simple but I'm at a loss here!
<li><a class="fresco" data-fresco-group="gallery-pics" data-fresco-caption=""
<img src="http://localhost/testsite/images/products/items/small/4_multiplelarge1t.jpg"; width="150" height="150" alt=" "/></a></li>
<li><a class="fresco" data-fresco-group="gallery-pics" data-fresco-caption=""
<img src="http://localhost/testsite/images/products/items/small/4_multiplelarge2t.jpg"; width="150" height="150" alt=" "/></a></li>
<li><a class="fresco" data-fresco-group="gallery-pics" data-fresco-caption=""
<img src="http://localhost/testsite/images/products/items/small/4_multiplelarge3t.jpg"; width="150" height="150" alt=" "/></a></li>


  • edited January 2015
    Don't see anything wrong there. Fresco only looks at the link href for a source image, whatever you put inside the link doesn't affect things. If you replace those thumbnails with text, it'll work the same.
  • Hi Nick,

    It's an issue with the images I was using.... no idea why - it was as though the code wasn't able to recognize the thumbnail images I was providing and therefore making the thumbnail out of the larger (href) image!

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