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What is the difference between Lightview and Fresco

What makes Lightview or Fresco better than the other? Or what would be the context/use cases that would dictate the choice one should make to use either Lightview or Fresco?


  • Lightview has support for inline, ajax and iframes. Fresco optimizes for images and video only and is more reponsive, meaning it'll scale things better to fit the screen size. If all you need is images and video, I recommend using Fresco. Otherwise Lightview is probably the better choice.
  • Definitely I need support for inline, ajax and iframes. Thanks!
  • I prefer fresco because actual jquery support. But I need functions like start/stop slideshow or smooth image change. What should I do??

  • Both are based on jquery.

    Fresco moves almost instantly between images because I feel that the transitions as seen in Lightview create too much of a gap where you're just looking at an animation instead of an image. The slideshow was removed because it wasn't used much in practice.

    So all these changes are intentional. If you prefer longer animations or a slideshow, Lightview would be the better choice.

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