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always show the image caption?

is there an option to keep the caption visible?


  • edited March 2015
    Make sure you use Fresco 2, it handles captions better on small screens.

    But like Fresco 1, if your caption is large it could still be hidden at some point if it overlaps too much of the image or is larger than half the size of the image. There's no option to disable that.

    The idea behind this is that the image should be the most important thing. The caption should be used as something you could do without on smaller screens. If Fresco didn't responsively hide the caption you could run into situations where you have a wall of text in the caption and a tiny image.
  • Thanks for the explanation Nick. But is there any possible adjustment/hack we can do to make sure the captions always show (even if they cover the image)?

    In this particular case the captions are more important than the images and for tablet and mobile view we'd rather show the image very small.

    Thank you, any help is greatly appreciated!
  • No, Fresco isn't build to handle large amounts of text. Hiding the caption doesn't only guard against the image becoming so small that it's no longer visible, but also against the text overflowing the viewport.

    In cases where text is more important, I think a modal window would be better than a lightbox. It'll give you a scrollbar when there's too much text.
  • Thanks Nick. Can I please get a refund for the fresco license I purchased? I had to end up using fancybox instead for this project since captions were required.
  • Thank you for the prompt refund, I appreciate it and look forward to using one of your scripts on a project in the future.
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