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Again on Fresco (questions)

Good Day nick,
I have two questions about fresco.

1) Is there any way to set the overflow horizontal and vertical both instead of just vertical? If not, is there any specific reason why you decided to just use the vertical overflow?

2) Even when there's not caption set, on mobile the caption background appears. Is there any way to avoid that?

Thanks in advance.


  • edited September 2015
    There's only vertical overflow because that gives a stable effect. Adding horizontal overflow makes the image move all over the place as you move the mouse. Fresco used to have that option but nobody ended up using it because it just wasn't easy on the eyes.

    That bar hold the caption and the position. If one image in a set contains a caption or if the position option is enabled you'll get this bar. You can disable the position using position:false and avoid captions to remove it.
  • Thanks as usual for the quick reply!
    All clear.
  • Hi.

    I know it's been a long time ago, but about overflow in both axis, is there an easy way to do this effect? Even though it's not default, that's the effect I need.

    I'm the developer for a PRO version.

    Thank you

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