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Large Image

edited September 2015 in Fresco

I want to use a large image (7360x4912) as target of a the href, since my users should be able to download the image in full size. I also compute a smaller preview image (max. 1400px ) which should be use by Fresco and as well the even smaller thumbnails.

Is it possible to do this with Fresco? (Thumbnails => Preview => Org. Image)



  • Fresco only uses two images, the one it displays and an optional smaller thumbnail. If someone right clicks or drags an image to save it'll save the image shown. That's not something you can overwrite, it's behavior build into the browser.

    If you use images that large as href you'll use up all your bandwidth pretty fast, I wouldn't recommend it. You could put a link to the original image in the caption if you really need to offer downloads that large.
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