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Making tooltip appear twice fails

on the iPhone you can make the tooltip appear by tapping on a link,
but after tapping outside (to make it disappear again) you can't make the tooltip appear again
by tapping on the link again. You first have to tap on a different tooltip
to make it possible again. I use the newest Tooltip version and iPhone 6s.

Thanks for your help.


  • I can't replicate that on the tipped website. Tooltips don't hide there when you click outside, unless you tap an element that triggers something. Only the tooltip with hideOnClickOutside: true hides when you tap outside of it, and it appears when you tap it again.

    By default tooltips hide on a mouseleave event, on iOS they only hide when you click and element that has some action attached to it. This is because iOS has no mouseleave event, it's trying to emulate that behavior. This emulation is what people are used to on iOS. Tipped is not trying to change this. I think it's a bad practice to try and change this behavior, it'll conflict with the emulation layer and breaks what people expect. Knowing that mobile devices handle mouse events differently, Tipped lets the emulation do its thing.
  • You are saying it's a bug/normal behaviour in iOS? It doesn't seem to behave that way on Android.
  • Yes, the behavior I described is the default mouse emulation on iOS. They only emulate mouse events on elements that are clickable. Android might handle this differently.
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