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Is youtube perview possible?

edited November 2015 in Fresco
First, let me say thank you for creating Fresco. All the other lightbox plugins I've tried fall flat when it comes to being truly responsive on smaller screens, but Fresco works beautifully.

This issue I'm running into has to do with Youtube and Vimeo videos. It appears the user has the choice of providing their own cover image or settle for a not very attractive grey box that says "Click to Play!" This is a new one on me, as everyplace that I've ever embedded videos (forums, facebook, wordpress, etc..) automatically displays the preview from youtube. Is there a way to do the same with Fresco, preferably automatically?

A few details: I'm using the Fresco Wordpress plugin from on a wordpress site. I did purchase a single site license, downloaded the Pro version, and overwrote the JS and CSS from the plugin, which didn't seem to break anything. And it's for a multisite in which many of the sub-site admins may be technically challenged. Thus, I want everything to be as automated as possible.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


  • edited November 2015
    When I click a video on the Fresco website it displays a youtube/vimeo preview image on mobile. This is the default behavior.

    I think you mean a different preview image though, the one on your site. Fresco itself doesn't handle the link or the image used within the link to open Fresco, you are free to use whatever you want as a link. So in your case the wordpress plugin is probably handling that. I'm not the author of that wordpress plugin. If you think it should provide an image automatically you should create an issue on the github page. It could use something like this to give you a thumbnail:
  • Thanks for the quick reply. Shortly after posting my question, I realized the plugin was developed by somebody else and that all it does is load fresco.js and add the proper classes, as needed. I removed the plugin as I would rather do this work myself, for more control.

    I understand now, that Fresco does not get the thumbnails from youtube and vimeo, as I had hoped. But the methods shown in the links you provided look simple enough... I think I can work it out from there.

    Thanks again and have a great day! :)
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