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Link is not working on iPhone


I just installed the script on this page :

If you click on gifts (on the red panel) it will open the vimeo link perfectly

BUT It won't work on an iPhone... it actually seems not active...

Can you tell me what's wrong ?

Thank you



  • edited November 2015
    That link doesn't have layout/dimensions, that's why it's not clickable on the iphone. Inspect the element in your dev tools and you'll see what I'm talking about. Give it something like float:left to fix it.
  • Thank you Nick for your fast answer !
    This little thing is actually driving me crazy... I tried to add your line code but it didn't change anything...
    So I replicated my code (from the images that work) and applied EXACTLY the same on the problematic link... and it won't solve the problem

    So to summarize, on the first red panel, the 3 aligned images are working perfectly fine, but the main image above (the child) doesn't work on iPhone, despite have the same code structure...

    Any clue ?
    Thanks a lot

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