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showOn setting not working

I add a tooltip to a lot of elements in the page in an iterative manner using this code:
$(' > .item').each(function() {
Tipped.create(this, "show_video_details", {
ajax: {
videoid: $(this).attr('videoid'),
csrf_test_name: $('#videoitems input[name="csrf_test_name"]').val()
type: 'post'},
skin: 'yellow',
maxWidth: 500,
hideOthers: true,
//showOn: 'mouseup',
hideOn: [
{ element: 'self', event: 'click' },
{ element: 'tooltip', event: 'mouseleave' }
The elements are all inside a form, so I can send just some data using ajax and I get back the proper html. All is fine except for showOn. Setting it to anything else than 'mouseenter' makes the tooltip not show up. When leaving the option showOn out, or setting it to 'mouseenter', the tooltip appears the way it should.

BTW I use Tipper 3.1.6


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