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showOn setting not working

I add a tooltip to a lot of elements in the page in an iterative manner using this code:
$(' > .item').each(function() {
Tipped.create(this, "show_video_details", {
ajax: {
videoid: $(this).attr('videoid'),
csrf_test_name: $('#videoitems input[name="csrf_test_name"]').val()
type: 'post'},
skin: 'yellow',
maxWidth: 500,
hideOthers: true,
//showOn: 'mouseup',
hideOn: [
{ element: 'self', event: 'click' },
{ element: 'tooltip', event: 'mouseleave' }
The elements are all inside a form, so I can send just some data using ajax and I get back the proper html. All is fine except for showOn. Setting it to anything else than 'mouseenter' makes the tooltip not show up. When leaving the option showOn out, or setting it to 'mouseenter', the tooltip appears the way it should.

BTW I use Tipper 3.1.6


  • edited December 2015
    I recommend upgrading to Tipped 4 first, you don't want to be dealing with bugs that have already been fixed.

    In this case though it's not a bug, you're hiding the tooltip on click and try to show it on mouseup, those two cancel eachother out. Your hideOn should be changed here if you want to use that showOn.
  • If I understand you correctly, changing the setup to:
    showOn: click,
    hideOn: [
    {element: 'tooltip', event: 'mouse leave'}
    should help. Unfortunately, it does not. Also upgrading to Tipped 4 makes no difference. So there must be some other issue, I suppose?
  • Here's a valid version of the code you posted:
    showOn: 'click',
    hideOn: [
    { element: 'tooltip', event: 'mouseleave' }
  • Ah, sure! I forgot the quotes in my post, but even with the quotes this code doesn't work. On clicks the tooltip doesn't show up. When I comment out the 'showOn' line, the tooltip does show up on mouseenter (the default value)...
  • If your hideOn is conflicting that can happen.
  • Well, even commenting out the whole 'hideOn' line doesn't help. showOn won't work on any values except 'mouseenter'.
  • Strange, maybe there's something else on your page blocking the click event.
  • Aha, got it. Indeed another element on my page blocked the event. Thanks a lot!
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