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direction of tooltip

Sometimes the direction where the tooltip opens is a bit strange. Often when it would be much better to open the tooltip above the cursor it decides to open it below, and vice versa. This often means the content of the tooltip is cut off. This seems to happen more often with large tooltips with a lot of content.


  • When a tooltip has so much content that it becomes too large to fit in the viewport at any position, it'll simply default to the position you've set. That is most likely what's happening when a tooltip is cut off.

    In that case Tipped couldn't find a position that wouldn't cut off the content. It doesn't try to optimize for the least amount of lost content, it prioritizes your given position.
  • So to make it smarter is difficult / not possible?
  • It makes things more complex, but it's not impossible, just not something I see as a high priority since it seems like an edge case. It might be something we can improve in the future.
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