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Fresco script stuck and only shows .fr-loading element

edited February 2016 in Fresco
Hi guys, sorry if this story confuses you. I'll try to explain it the best I can. A site I'm working on needed a lightbox plugin that enabled users to swipe through photo's. It seemed that on this site one of my colleagues seemed to have installed another lightbox plugin (PrettyPhoto) to try and make this possible without even disabling Fresco. PrettyPhoto wasn't even necessary, as Fresco is integrated into the "The Architect" Wordpress theme found on Also, Fresco already enables the user to swipe through images in the lightbox on the handheld.

After I disabled and removed the Lightbox scripts that were installed, I tried pressing on one of the gallery photos on a single project page. The only thing that showed up was the "loading" icon. No matter how long you wait, the actual gallery won't show up anymore like in the demo found on I used the demo to compare the differences between that and the site I'm currently working on. I found that .fr-box-wrapper (parents .fr-window .fr-frame) was completely. I was wondering if one of you knows why this is, and how I can achieve what should be simple to achieve with Fresco already.

I can't help you guys with links or anything as this site is being made for a client. I'll try to help as much as I can by posting screenshots and such, and hope that that will be anough for one of you to help me out. Thanks in advance!


  • By the way, I meant that the .fr-box-wrapper of the .fr-frame-active element is empty.

    I've also noticed that alot of its parents are set to display:none; and that they do not have their width and height assigned to them like in the demo. I'm pretty sure Fresco should take care of that. Could be wrong.
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