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Can I load a folder full of images into a Fresco gallery?

Pre-purchase question. Hi Can I have one link load and open a gallery that is dynamically pulling from a folder on the server?
Or can I create a gallery on the page without thumbnails (so it's invisible) then load the first image on clicking a single link like Gallery 1, Gallery 2 etc.?


  • edited February 2016
    You can do both, you can have one link by using the API, just like the demonstrations on the Fresco website. Using the API is better since you'd otherwise put hidden links on the page just so you can have a gallery from one link. The documentation covers both API (javascript) and HTML implementations.

    Since Fresco is just javascript on the frontend it only looks at the links to images you give it. It can't figure out what you have on your backend. So outputting the links is something you'll have to implement on your backend.
  • Thanks Nick. I am looking at one other solution, if I can't get that one to work, I will give Fresco a try.
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