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Does the hideAfter delay the hideOn event?

My assumption is that the hideAfter option should delay the hideOn event for the allocated hideAfter time. In other words, I should be able to hover off an element and then back onto the element and the the tip should stay visible. Am I misunderstanding how this option works? If so, is there an option that works like this?


  • edited March 2016
    hideAfter doesn't delay any events, those just trigger in the browser as they normally do. Here's how the documentation describes hideAfter:

    "Hides the tooltip after a delay in miliseconds of not hovering the tooltip or its element."

    The "delay" demo on the Tipped website uses hideAfter: 2000. You can leave the element or its tooltip, mouse back onto them in under two seconds and keep the tooltip visible.

    There's also a hideDelay option. If one event hides a tooltip with delay and another event is set to show the tooltip instantly, that'll cancel the delayed hide of the first event. So with enough hideDelay and events properly set you can use the delay to give the mouse some time to move around before things close. By default there's a small hideDelay to allow for that, you shouldn't have to tweak hideDelay unless you have big gaps between your tooltips and your elements.
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