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Vimeo Fullscreen button doesn't always show

Been using the Fresco Lightbox for a while and I love it, but I've noticed that the Vimeo Fullscreen button doesn't always show. When I'm checking my locally through Safari or Chrome it's there, but then when I access the live site through either of those browsers it's not there. However, When I access the live site through Firefox it is there. I'm guessing I might need to add some lines of code which explicitly tell the browser to allow full screen access, but I can't find anything in the Fresco documentation mentioning this. I've included an example of the code I'm using for one of videos, I'd be really grateful if someone could offer some advice to help me solve the problem… Thanks

    <a href="VIMEO LINK" title=" " 
    width: 1280,
    height: 720,
    vimeo: { autoplay: 1, loop: 1 }"
    data-fresco-caption="CAPTION" >
    <img src="THUMBNAIL" width="180" height="180" alt=""/>


  • Here's a screen grab to show what I mean…

    on the left is my Vimeo video when I view my Fresco site saved locally on my Mac (fullscreen button is there), on the right is the same site saved on my host server (fullscreen button not there)

    What could be doing this?

  • I can't tell just looking at the snippet and the image, the code seems fine. It might be vimeo doing something in its iframe based on the domain. I'd have to see an example where it fails.

  • the address of my site is as follows…

    When I view the site through Safari the fullscreen button isn't there. However, the same site viewed through Firefox the fullscreen button is there.

  • edited March 2016

    I'm getting some server errors when watching that, just trying to view source gives me random "503 Your request generated an Internal Server Error" pages.

    A better host would probably solve that, I'd also look for something that doesn't forward your dot com domain using an iframe. While the iframe Fresco uses has proper tags set to allow for fullscreen, the iframe that forwards your dot com does not, so that might be causing problems in some browsers. It's best to avoid iframes altogether.

    When I was able to view the site I noticed that the doctype wasn't properly uppercased, this would be a proper doctype:

    <!DOCTYPE html>

  • Thanks Nick… As you can probably tell, web development isn't really my area… Design and graphics is more my thing, but I try to create my own portfolio site with the help of great plugins such as Fresco…

    I also tried hosting my web page on Dropbox, but I'm guessing that's also not a great idea? I'll try to upload to a better host over the coming weekend (though I can't say I've ever experienced server errors when accessing my site before) and I'll look into my iframe issue.

    Thanks for your help…

  • … Just to confirm that changing my web page redirect to non-frame forwarding has resolved the issue and the fullscreen Vimeo buttons now appear fine…

    The server issue you experienced was because my host provider currently taking the service down…

    Thank you for your help

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