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Multiple Tipped instances from the same target element

Is it possible to have multiple Tipped instances show for the same target element?

Here's my use case:
I've got an element which is just an icon. When you hover over that icon some text should be displayed, but when I click on that element I want to hide the text and show a different instance (a long interactive list).

If I create the second instance programmatically and just create the first instance in markup it works (OK-ish) apart from the fact that I can't apply different skins to the different instances - which itself is the problem.


  • edited April 2016

    Thanks, this was a bug, should be fixed in 4.5.6.

    You should now be able to do something like this:

    var a = Tipped.create('#element', 'text', {
      skin: 'light',
      behavior: 'hide'
    var b = Tipped.create('#element', 'list', {
      skin: 'dark',
      showOn: 'click',
      position: 'bottom',
      onShow: function() {
  • Hi Nick, thanks for the info can you give me an idea of how to fix it locally for the moment. It is oddly enough causing a major issue on a component I am developing. Without the fix I need to perform a tonne of DOM manipulation for a fairly discrete component.

  • The Collection object got a rewrite to contain tooltips instead of a reference to one or more elements. Some API calls and methods on the internal Tooltips object had to be adjusted to work with that.

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