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Facebook Style Menu

How would I make a menu that looks like this using Tipped?

On the home page of Tipped, the JSON example shows a menu but this goes a little further. Is there good documentation on how to make something similar to what was illustrated for the JSON example?


  • edited June 2016

    You can use HTML in a tooltip, so if you can design the content of the tooltip all you have to do is pull it in. You'll can bind click events to menu items so they close the tooltip by adding the class 'close-tooltip', or use the API for that. Documentation covers tooltips with HTML and the API.

  • Thanks Nick,
    I can do that but I really want to use your tooltip as menus everywhere and not just have them populate with the content of hidden HTML generated from elsewhere.

    Perhaps having a Menu <UL> feature could be something you can implement in a forthcoming version of your amazing product.

  • Tipped is just the tooltip, wrapping content you generated somewhere else. That content can be hidden inline, ajaxed in or even generated dynamically with javascript.

    I don't plan on extending Tipped to include a menu or anything you can also generate yourself. I prefer it to be just the wrapper, not having an opinion on the layout you should use for your menus.

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