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hideOn: click and click-outside at the same time?

is there a way to make tipped hide after both - click or click-outside?


  • edited June 2016

    You can't use both. What you can do to get this is add an element with the class close-tooltip to the tooltip, basically making it a closebutton, or use a close button using the close option.

    I've not seen many request for this and I think that's because the mouseover to hide behavior is more common in that case. It's what a tooltip does when using behavior: 'hide'. By allowing a tooltip to show up while you mouseover it, it gives the impression that things like text selection and clicking content are possible, but you break that expectation by hiding on a click as well. I feel the hide behavior gives better UX.

  • I had to make small popup with 2 buttons only and hide it when user clicks on one of those, or clicks outside it. I managed to make it with hideOn: click and old hideOnClickOutside: true.. Ill stick to it as long as it works:) Thanks anyways, ill probably do it your way soon.

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