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Problem With Google Translator plugin

Hi! I think I've discovered a weird behavior when combining the tooltip with the Google Translator Plugin. I have the tooltips attached to some buttons to display additional information and they look good so far but, once I translate the site, the position of the tooltips is not where it is supposed to be. You can check this video #31.mp4?dl=0

Using latest version

Any idea about what's going on and how to solve it?



  • I have no idea what that plugin does to the page. If it swaps elements in the DOM with translations as they are appended or modifies dimensions or styling you might get issues like that.

    Seems like an issue in that plugin, I'd avoid using it. Chrome has translation build into the browser, that might be better than a javascript plugin. People using Chrome will automatically be asked for a translation if content isn't in their language.

  • @"Nick Stakenburg" Thanks for the replay. I'm not aware of the internals of the plugin, but yes, it swaps elements.

    At the moment, this was included as a feature of the platform, but I think we can remove it if causes a lot of troubles.


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