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Vimeo videos displaying smaller than specified in HTML

I've recently noticed that a couple of my Vimeo videos in my Fresco light box display smaller than usual. In my HTML, I set the width and height to 1280x720px, but the video displays as 640x360px.

The odd thing is that a while ago these videos were displaying fine, but I haven't touched or changed the HTML since. I also have other Vimeo Videos in my Fresco light box which are set up in exactly the same way and they display just fine. The HTML is the same, the original video size was the same and my compression settings were the same, so I'm left wondering why just two videos would display smaller… In my HTML, I explicitly set the Width and Height to 1280x720.

I posted on the Vimeo forum and a staff member responded, but his reply was the following:
Unfortunately this isn't something we can troubleshoot, as this appears to be an issue with the lightbox you're using. We can only troubleshoot issues with our own embed code. If you're embedding via other methods, this isn't a Vimeo related issue.

I've included the links below to the videos on Vimeo and the link to my web site where theses videos are embedded into my Fresco light box. I'd be really grateful if anyone has any ideas why this might be happening.


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    It's something vimeo changed on their end, they now return an incorrect original width and height of a video through their oEmbed API:

    The data for this video for example shows 480x270 through their oEmbed API, but it was uploaded at a much higher original resolution, that's why it used to display larger:

    // returns

    Their oEmbed documentation states the following:

    height The exact height of the video. Defaults to original size.

    So by leaving out the height parameter in the oEmbed url it should return data with original dimensions of the video. This is bugged now or they've decided to downscale original dimensions and not report about that.

    Even if they decided to downscale, you are using Vimeo Plus, so you kind of expect to get the correct original resolution through oEmbed instead of a downscaled video. It feels more like a bug to me.

    The reason the 1280x720 dimensions on your videos seem ignored is because Fresco treats them as a maxWidth/maxHeight, not upscaling from the original source dimensions because that would make the video blurry. It'll only use 1280x720 once Vimeo reports the original dimensions as being 1280x720.

  • Thanks Nick, that's really helpful of you… It's now happening to all of my videos on Vimeo, videos that were playing just fine up until a few days ago, so it seemed very likely to be something changing at their end.

  • I just thought I'd include the link to my conversation on the Vimeo forum … Seems odd that Vimeo would change things and not mention it anywhere… I would imagine this would cause problems for other people too.

    Is this something I'm able fix at my end?

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    I've just released Fresco 2.2.0, upgrading should fix this.

    Vimeo support mentioned they forgot to update their documentation in my bugreport. It seems indeed strange that they just changed their API introducing breaking changes.

    I hope they'll consider adding something for backwards compatibility so we can show videos at the best resolution possible like before. Without original dimensions we'll have to settle for fixed dimensions at 1280x720, which might cause upscaling. You can of course scale those back down using options, but it's not ideal.

  • Thanks for intervening here Nick, I really appreciated it. It seemed like Vimeo didn't want to acknowledge the problem… I've downloaded the update - really love this lightbox!

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