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Open a Lightview Window Inside Another Lightview Window?

The application I'm working on uses Lightview to open some pages as well as to let the user know that their session is about to timeout, thereby giving them the opportunity to renew their session. I have a two-part question.

First part of the question: Right now, the timeout Lightview replaces the existing Lightview content causing the user to lose whatever they were working on. How can I open the timeout Lightview window inside another Lightview window if that's what they're currently working in.

Second part of the question: when they click the Renew Session button, I need to close the timeout Lightview without losing anything they've been working on.

Here is the code I'm using to open the timeout Lightview window: ({
        href: "/portal/popup_Domain_Timeout.asp?WarningSec=" + wSec,
        title: "Page Timeout",
        options: {
            controls: { close: false },
            overlay: { close: false },
            keyboard: false ,
            menubar: false,     
            width: 400,
            height: 200,


  • You can use or hide() to work with Lightview from within an iframe.

  • That still has the popup_Domain_Timeout.asp page take over the existing lightview rather than opening a new lightview inside of it. Any other suggestions?

  • To open a lightview window inside of another one you'll have to include lightview in the iframed page as well.

    Once a session has been renewed you could write something like this to close things.

    try { parent.Lightview.hide(); }
    catch(e) {}

    If you want to keep a session alive you could do without a prompt. Using a timeout in javascript and automatically renew by making an ajax request at the end of it, not even opening a new page. You could track mouse movement on the document to make sure they did something during the timeout before renewing.

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