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Some Options Refined

First of all, the Tipped tooltip solution has been beautifully crafted and has been awesome up to now.

Second of all, here's two requests of mine that I hope you'll consider.

1) Please make it possible for the inline option to use either an ID or a class of an element.

2) There's only one skin available without the PRO edition. I am wondering if you could make two default skins? One with black background and one with white background then name them 'default-black' and 'default-white' respectively.


  • edited September 2016

    You can initialize a tooltip using a selector, this can already be an id or a class. If there are inline options on the elements they'll be taken into account.

    The inline option itself has to be an id since the element you pull into the tooltip has to be unique, that should be the case for an id if html is valid, not for a class. To pull elements into tooltips by class you can provide that element as the content, see the documention for more on that:

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