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Close a tipped object on mouse out and when a link is clinked.

edited December 2016 in Tipped

Hello and good day!

I use both tipped and Lightview on my website. When a visitor hovers over a product's thumbnail they see a tipped object with an autoplay Vimeo preview and 2 links.

Inside the Tipped Object, there is one link that triggers more product information that is shown in a Lightview pop-pop.

The trouble I run into is that the tipped object that includes an autoplay Vimeo stays open until a visitor moves their mouse.

Please let me know what I can add to the link in order to force close the tipped object when the LightView opens, but also still closes when the mouse is moved out.

If you have any questions, please let me know. Thank you for your valuable time and have an amazing day!


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