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Image Counter


I'm using this slider dynamically and it's giving the wrong total slider number. It says 1507 images, when there are only about 20.

Is there a way to display only the active sliders total images rather than all that are the search page?

One other question - what do you suggest is the best way to move the slider counter so it's just above the caption (inside the image)?


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    You'll have to group images, the documentation covers how to do that:

    ui: 'inside' might be what you want for the layout, it requires Fresco Pro.

  • Group Images worked perfectly. Thank you!

    UI Inside is close, but I have additional elements that will overlap if I use it. (I'm doing buttons and a title in html)

    Is there another way to do the slider counter than just making everything use ui: 'inside' ?

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    No, you can't combine those layouts. You could write your own position indicator and push that into the title, set position:false to hide the default one.

    Seems easier to keep the default one, it won't be in the way. With the default ui: 'outside' nothing overlaps the image, that's intentional so you'll never have parts of an image you can't see.

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    Okay, Thank you!

    What's the easiest way to change the slider count to slider_count -1?

    I added this to flexslider, and they have a function:

    start: function (slider) { // Fires when the slider loads the first slide
    var slide_count = slider.count - 1;

    I'd guess that's what throws the count off.

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    I don't know, you'd have to ask the author of that plugin if you want to modify something about it.

    The position indicator in Fresco reflects the order in the DOM.

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    I want to modify fresco so it starts 1 slide before default.

    I know it's unconventional - But rather than changing their slide, which already displays the first image - It will probably be easier for me to just start frescojs -1 slide before default.

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    Fresco's order mirrors the order in the DOM. If that plugin doesn't show the first image in the DOM as the first one I recommend changing that plugin so it gets the order right as well.

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