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UI: inside option and fullscreen on desktop


I was wondering if strip allows you to do the UI inside option that your fresco does? I do not see it in the documentation but it would be a great thing to have. Also, my images on desktops are not nearly large enough so I wanted to know if there was a way to extend the container to fullscreen. Currently when i move the height:0 of the container this works but click the x hides the photo but not the container any longer.


  • There's no UI option and fullscreen mode in Strip.

    The idea behind Strip is that it only covers part of the page needed for the image, so it only ever goes fullscreen when it needs to. You can't force it to go fullscreen. The maxWidth/maxHeight options are intended to limit dimensions, they'll never stretch an image.

    Images are shown at the largest dimensions possible within the viewport. Strip will never upscale images because that would make them blurry.

  • Thank you for the fast reply. I assumed that was the case but thought I would ask. Is there a reason why you did not include ui inside the image options like in your other products? I just created a custom event that does this for me with javascript but I was curious design wise. Thanks for such a cool tool, It looks great and is smooth.

  • edited January 2017

    You're only talking about the caption right? The rest of the UI in Strip is already inside the image.

    That's a design choice. I wanted Strip to have one simple UI that works everywhere, desktop and mobile. Since there is no hover state on mobile, I'm okay with always showing some arrows and a close button there, but not with a caption constantly overlapping the image, or having some tap event to toggle it in and out of view. On desktop we can fade out UI that overlaps the image with a delay, since it has a mouseover state.

    In Fresco, regardless of which UI option you set, you'll never get ui:inside on touch devices since you'd have the same issue with the caption overlapping. Instead it transitions between ui:outside and something close to what Strip does depending on screen size. All to maximize the visible image on smaller devices.

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