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containment goes awry in middle of screen

The website in question is

with latest Firefox, if you hover your mouse over the light blue planet dot you'll get a tooltip that looks like this:

This happens to any of the dots if I scroll to move them to the middle of the screen

Looks okay though in Chrome when displayed to the left using my hack to get the tooltips working with image maps.

using Tipped 4.5.6


  • Tipped doesn't support image maps. If you point to an area tag it'll attempt to get dimensions and position as if it was a regular element. But area tags are coordinate based, so that's probably causing issues.

    The hack you're using in Chrome with divs is probably working around it, why not use it for both?

  • Ah, makes sense. I don't recall if I tried the Chrome/Safari hack in FF so I guess I will see if that solves it here as well. Thanks, as always

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