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modal addon

you mentioned before you were making a modal script for content, is it anywhere near done yet?


  • edited February 2017

    I've had a jQuery modal close to done for a while, below are some screenshots. I just never released it since I keep wanting to change it the more I work with frameworks like React and Vue these days.

    It's incredibly easy to write modals with those, you don't even need jQuery, which is beautiful. But because it's so easy you have tons of implementations out there. Some are well thought out, but none really cover the full range of features you want from a modal window.

    Whenever I needed a modal for React for example I've added to that pool of scripts. Whipping something up quickly, pulling features from my jQuery modal as I needed them.

    What I need to do is take a step back and take what I've learned from React to create something new. Something more modular, in vanilla js, not fundamentally based on jQuery. That way it can play nicer with todays frameworks.

    I'll get to it eventually, just need to find the time to dedicate myself to it.

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