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Vimeo Video too small (fresoc 2.2.2)

How can change the size of Vimeo videos ?
width: 1200,
height: 800,
vimeo: { autoplay: 1 }

seems to be ignored?


  • edited March 2017

    The width/height options only affect youtube videos, because Fresco can detect the dimensions of a video uploaded to vimeo using their API. So that way you'll automatically have correct aspect ratio without having to know dimensions upfront.

    Fresco will never stretch dimensions beyond the size of the source video, that would make it unsharp. So for bigger dimensions the size of the source video should be increased. If you'd like smaller dimensions you can use maxWidth/maxHeight to set some constraints.

  • ok thanks...and there isn't a hack for scaling up?

  • no hacks, but there's the fullscreen button

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