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Problem displaying base64 image in tooltip

Hi! We use v3.1.8 and we have trouble displaying base64 images in the tooltip. For some reason all the forward slashes in the base64 encoded string are transformed into a break in the attribute.

For example:


becomes (as viewed from firefox developer tools)
<img width="300" height="150" src="data:image png;base64,ivborw0kggoaaaansuheugaaaciaaacwcayaaabncigqaaakukleqvr4no3dzyoc1xkg4pcs+g5cvxdmamzoc="" bcm5banrmiwxilcwgivil3hhc8cuybe+wfcagjwdgt8mi2xjeyja0kgysjmesyksxlsmxhk0v1r6dpvff09h="" jzwmhattvvae7xfnqfoen...

You can notice lots of ="" marks ="" splitting the string.

A patched version of v3.1.8 would be best workaround, thanks!


  • My bad. Problem solved, accidentally this part of image code was within a block of markup text where all whitespace was replaced with non breaking space.

    Nbsp looks the same for naked eye but a diff tool shows the difference, and obviously browser will render differently <img src="...> compared to <img src="..>

    Fun couple of hours ;)

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