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Tipped with checkboxes

I'm trying to get tipped to work when hovering over a checkbox label.
I do have the Pro version v4.5.6
the structure of the checkboxes is in the graphic:
I expanded two of the sections so you can see how they are generated.
The code I'm using is this:
window.onmouseover = function(e) {
var elm =;
if (elm.tagName=="TD" && {
var tipElement = '.';
var weekNumber = elm.innerText;
var reportYear = $('#sv_Year :selected').text();
Tipped.create(tipElement, {ajax: {url:'ajaxWeekRange.asp', type:'GET', data:{strYear:reportYear, strWeekNumber:weekNumber}, success:function(msg) {return msg;},
showOn: 'click',
hideOthers: true,
fixed: true,
target: 'mouse',
skin: 'gray',

The tipElement variable is returning the correct id (Eg .sv_WeekNumber_3 or .sv_WeekNumber_4) when the label is hovered over.
I tried hard coding the HTML element but still no success. I even tried without the ajax call and used a text message. Still no joy.
Given the way the checkboxes are generated, it this even possible with Tipped?
Thanks ,


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