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How to download older version of TippedJS ?

Hi Nick,

I'm currently using tippedjs 4.2.1 and came to upgrade to the latest version that still supports IE < 9.
I can see from the Change Log that v 4.6 "Dropped Support for IE < 9"

Is there a way for me to download v4.5.7 which is the latest version before that?
( We still have some users on IE < 9 )

Thanks for any help,


  • Is anybody there? :-)

  • Email me if you want that version.

    I don’t recommend sticking with old code just to support an old browser. IE8 reached end of life for some years now, it’s pretty safe to drop support for it. I’ve kept support for it in Tipped for way too long, it cripples innovation and it’s mostly bloat at this point. New scripts these days don’t even consider IE8/9.

  • Thanks Nick. I'm absolutely aware of, and agree with everything you're saying. But I'm afraid this development is for a manufacturing company where I KNOW we still have hundreds of PC's running IE7 on the shop floor at least for another year and so it's definitely NOT safe for me to drop support for it. That's one of the considerations I had when choosing your software. The best option I have at the moment is to upgrade to the latest version you released just before you dropped support for it. In a year I hope to convince the company to upgrade everyone to IE11 or FF / Chrome. Until then, I have no choice. I'll send you an email once I get back to work :-)

  • Hi Nick,

    I've just sent you an email requesting v4.5.7

    Thanks for your help.

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