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Show Tip on touch

Sorry I've tried to search, but I did not found an answer.

On iOS the behavior of Tipped is perfect, without changing anything it makes the Tip appear on the first tap and it performs the actual click only on the next tap.

How can I get the same behavior on non-iOS devices? On android it read the first tap as click+tip and since my click brings to a totally different page, the user does not have time to read the tip.


  • That's the default behavior of iOS. Tipped just binds to mouseenter, since there is no mouseenter iOS tries to do the right thing and emulates it, that creates the double tap.

    If you'd like to recreate that on android you'll have to bind to touch events instead whenever you detect android. I'm not a fan of android specific code or anything tries to change default behavior of a device. It might be easier to just disable the tooltips on android so they don't flash by as you click, you could use Tipped.disable for that.

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