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vimeo not autoplaying

Is there any way to get vimeo videos to autoplay in chrome? Seems only youtube video autoplay works?


  • edited May 2018

    Looking at the Vimeo documentation it seems like Chrome 66+ started blocking autoplay.

    If the autoplay parameter is present, our player will attempt to automatically begin playback. However, please note that some browsers specifically block autoplay. In these cases, your video will revert back to the original thumbnail and controls, requiring viewers to select play to start playback.
    Autoplay is currently restricted in the following environments:
    Chrome version 66+

    I don't a think a browser should be blocking this. Chrome devs probably think they're doing the right thing but they're overlooking the lightbox usecase where they're just introducing unnecessary extra clicks. Hopefully they'll revert this before it becomes a trend with other browsers.

    You don't have to change anything on your end, just hope that Chrome fixes this.

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