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Fresco and Autoresize? Group-Option wont work

Hi there,

we want to use the Fresco Lightbox in a OXID webstore if it supports the 2-3 features we need.
But we have to issues getting everything smooth:

-> our article pictures have different sizes. Slimbox2 supports a autoresize option to for example 80% of the screen

I defined a fresco group on the mainpage of the article class="fresco" data-fresco-group="fresco1" data-fresco-group-options="maxHeight:600">

This works fine for the FIRST picture which is embed into the mainpage.
But the next pictures which are added via the data-fresco-group="fresco1" dont use the given data-fresco-group-options!?

You can navigate with the NEXT button to them (what shows that they are a set of pictures now) but they always have their standard size :(

Whats he mistake?

And how to setup the demo with the Photos - Mees pictures? I like the thumbnail box at the bottom :)


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