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Anyone else have issues with Vimeo videos not playing in Chrome?

The example on the front page of Fresco ( for vimeo works fine in Safari and others, but it doesn't play automatically in Chrome. Anybody else seeing this? You click to bring up the lightbox, the video starts loading, but then you have to click play again to get it started, I saw this conversation ( about the problem on Github, but they seem to indicate the problem is resolved. But I'm definitely still seeing it. Anybody know of any workarounds?


  • edited November 2018

    I see the problem and tested with allow='autoplay; fullscreen' on the iframe but it's not helping. Which is weird because it makes the iframe code identical to what vimeo gives through their oEmbed API right now, see:

    The issue you linked mentioned muted autoplay working, that seems to work for me.
    You can test it by showing a video with these options:vimeo: { muted: 1 }.

    Or load everything muted by making it the default:

    Fresco.Skins.fresco.vimeo = Fresco.Skins.fresco.vimeo || {};
    Fresco.Skins.fresco.vimeo.muted = 1;

    So only muted autoplay seems to work. You don't even need to add allow='autoplay; fullscreen' for that to work. Adding the allow attribute isn't fixing anything, so I'm not sure why vimeo closed the issue. Maybe they've settled for muted autoplay.

    If I can figure out how to make autoplay work with audio I'll release an update. It might be something that only Vimeo can fix though, maybe I'll just release an update with the allow attributes to prepare for that.

    Currently even if a user clicks a thumbnail which triggers a lightbox that loads the video via player.js (which should be allowed to autoplay with sound), it will not autoplay unless muted, that's a big problem, and it can be solved by Vimeo.

  • I'll wait before adding the allow attribute since it seems to be breaking other things. allow='fullscreen' disables the fullscreen button for vimeo (and youtube), so they probably shouldn't even be adding it through their oEmbed API.

    Youtube actually works best without the allow attribute, although Chrome (Google) might be helping out a bit there. I hope Vimeo finds a way around this.

  • Here's what the Vimeo documentation mentions about autoplay:

    Autoplay Restrictions
    Chrome version 66+ (Desktop/Android)

    Policy: Autoplaying videos must be muted. Videos that are frequently visited by the viewer are permitted to autoplay with sound (based on Google’s scoring system)

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