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Strange JQuery behaviour with Fresco

Hi, I have created a simple html text overlay that I display on the first image within Fresco. Upon receiving the onShow, I would take the html add it to after the image element for the first image and then vertical position the text table and vertically align the corresponding text title through javascript.

When accessing the elements in JQuery and requesting the element height(), I get back 0. I get back 0 for pretty much everything I try testing including some of the elements that below to Fresco. I have tried delaying the centering function to see if it was a timing issue and even after 2.5s and being able to visibly see the image, table and Fresco elements, the height() methods for each element are all returning 0. It is only doing this when I display Fresco.

Anyone experience this behaviour or have any idea why it would happen?

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